A Booking platform to connect passengers to               taxi drivers by using a Mobile App
Powered by the Latest Backend Technology

Leverage mobile to automate for instant growth

Bookings apps

Pro Driver apps

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Any service on demand

Whether it is a taxi, limo or motor bike delivery  Our system supports a variety of service classes out of the boad and adding a new one is a piece of cake.

Multiple rates and payment options

Each service class has its own rate as well as payment options. Executive cars can be available for pre-booking with credit card only, while regular classic vehicles can deal with cash. The configuration is according to our business needs.

Manage orders with Dispatch Panel

Beautiful, simple yet functional design. All the orders are in one place, listed and sorted by relevancy. That helps our operators provide a quicker more efficient service. We spent a lot of efforts to make address search work as a swiss clock. As in any dispatch service there is keyboard navigation and phone line integration. Worldwide geo-coding is only available in our taxi software.

Automated dispatch with Driver App

Clear order instructions

With the driver app our drivers are able to receive clear visible orders with the most important data right on the screen. This allows a driver to analyse an order in a few seconds and approve or reject it right away.

Navigation to pickup and dropoff

We show passenger location on the map and navigate a driver through every point on the route. Any android smartphone or tablet can be used to run the app, which helps us to attract more drivers

We are ready to Be Launched in any City
    on 6 Continents in 50+ Countries

Automated driver billing

Our app have an integrated automated driver billing system. What it does is basically allows us to automate our relationship with a driver in a form of monthly, per-job or both payments. All billing is automatic and handled with credit card payments directly on our bank account. With no extra fees taken.

Automate payments

Calculate earnings

Webdesk for hotels, restaurants, bars and receptions

Book in one click

Permanent address and a custom POI name

Pre-bookings and instant orders

For desktop and mobile

                Intelligent Queue Algorithm


Distribute jobs in a fair way between our drivers. Win their trust and loyalty. What the algorithm does is basically distributes the jobs fairly between your drivers. To simplify, we form a queue of all drivers within 5 minutes reach to the customer, based on driver’s waiting time, distance and rating. First of all, this doesn’t affect the service quality, since every driver can still reach a customer within 5 minutes. Second, this keeps all drivers engaged, not only those who are lucky. And third, this solves the case when drivers are standing in line. Now they will get jobs one by one. And another great reason is that it motivates drivers to accept jobs, since if they don’t – the waiting time is reset to 0.

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Booking app for iPhone and Android

We give to our customers an amazing possibility to order a taxi with two clicks on their smartphones. Whether our customer has an iPhone or an Android phone we have the good app for them. 


    Faster than a local server 

Our data-cloud is optically connected to USA, Middle East and Asia, providing the minimum latency for our business worldwide. We use algorithms specifically designed to reduce the number of packets. That gives the same results as if the server was


standing in your office.

Top industry level latency

Optimized for high-load tasks

Database design from Google

Apache Cassandra is the leading distributed database used at Google, Ebay, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco, Hailo (famous UK, Tokyo taxi app) with the world’s most demanding scalability and availability requirements.

Cassandra is a top level Apache project born at Facebook and built on Amazon’s Dynamo and Google’s BigTable. It is a distributed storage system for managing very large amounts of structured data spread out across many commodity servers, while providing highly available service with no single point of failure.

 Best performance in class

 Elastic scalability

 Always-On architecture

 Fast linear-scale performance

GPS data and maps engine

We use PostgreSql with PostGis extension to optimize for geo requests and work with the map data. That allows us to build GPS tracks, customized location services, heat maps, predict the required number of drivers and more.

 GPS big data

 Available Q4 2016